Everything About Casino Christmas Promotions Explained

casino Christmas promotions

Why do casino Christmas promotions exist? What are the reasons to play gambling games during the winter holidays? Learn everything you need to know about holiday promotions before using them at online casinos.

Christmas and New Year are favorite times for gamblers. During winter holidays, online casinos offer various promotions, bonuses, and giveaways for all players. But why do they do it? Read about all the reasons why holiday promos exist and follow the latest online casino news to stay tuned to the most generous offers.

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Why are there casino Christmas promotions?

First of all, let’s figure out why there are gambling promotions as a whole ring. It is not a secret that online casinos exist not only to give away cash prizes but also to earn money from gamblers playing games 24/7. At the same time, generous Christmas and New Year promos can help players win more than casinos earn. So, why do casino Christmas promotions exist?

Mainly, casinos run all kinds of promotions designed to get players to gamble more and attract new players. While winnings are not guaranteed, the fact that players will spend money playing games is obvious. This is the number one reason why casinos make attractive offers to players; during holidays, their number just increases.

casino Christmas promotions
All I want for Christmas is Free Spins

On the other hand, gamblers can also benefit from the best online casino promotions. First of all, it is an excellent opportunity to play more and spend less. Keen gamblers can’t wait for Christmas and New Year holidays to come as various promos significantly reduce their spendings. At the same time, amateur players may not even feel the difference or vice versa – leave more money at online casinos.

Types of holiday promotions that exist

In winter, online casinos run various types of promotions. They usually include online bonuses, cash rewards, free spins, giveaways, and many others. Let’s go through the most popular casino Christmas promotions.


Bonuses of various types are the most popular perks gamblers usually get from online casinos. They may include free spins in slots, extra rounds in table games, cash prizes, and way more. Although casinos offer bonuses the whole year, they get much better before the winter holidays. Learn how to claim online gambling bonuses and use them at any online casino – from Intertops to 888.

casino Christmas promotions
Prepare for the Holidays with 888 – Image source: Flickr

Cash prizes

Players can also earn some cash during holiday promotion time. Money prizes may include cashbacks or deposit multipliers. Usually, this money can’t be withdrawn but gamblers can use it to play more games and save their own budget.

Giveaway presents

Giveaways are every gambler’s dream. Basically, it is a present that a casino gives to you like a virtual Santa. Online casinos give away various prizes just a couple of times a year, including Christmas and New Year. Usually, giveaways are given as rewards to players who participate in a certain tournament or contest. You can earn them in any game: slots, roulette, table games.

Before playing any gambling game during promotion time, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions.

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