E-sports Betting Strategy Guide for Dummies

E-sports Betting Strategy Guide

The Esports betting market is growing popular with each passing day. This all comes mostly because the esports market is being constantly injected with new video games. According to many critics, esports is taking the throne as the new generation of sports. According to sources, the esports industry is on the path to generating 1.8 billion dollars in revenue by 2022. This coupled with the 250 million viewers who watch the sports online goes on to show just how popular the industry already is. In times like these, the e-sports betting strategy guide is sure to come handy. Online sportsbook guide for beginners is publishing more and more regarding the e-sports betting lately. So, how do you plan on using all this frenzy to your advantage?

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Introduction to e-sports betting strategy guide

With the ever-increasing popularity of esports on the global front, the major bookmakers realized the opportunity for establishing sports betting markets. There has been a growing demand among gaming enthusiasts. After analyzing this, bookmakers implemented a feature that allows the interested parties to bet on the most popular esports gaming tournaments. These tournaments include the likes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships and the DOTA 2 The International.

Esports betting shares its basic aspects with the traditional sports betting markets. A bettor will obtain the odds based upon the team statistics. Lastly, you will have to decide which team will emerge victoriously. Keeping up to date with all the major championships previously held will allow bettors a sound understanding of who might win. Consequently providing you with a great opportunity to bank major cash prizes.

As with all betting and gambling markets, the need to have a well-crafted betting strategy is necessary. This strategy will ultimately lead to the person becoming a more professional bettor. The esports betting industry is no exception to this. Below we have compiled a comprehensive esports betting strategy guide for you:

Choose a reliable bookmaker for e-sports betting

The first thing in the e-sports betting strategy guide is that if you want to start betting on esports then you want to sign up for a licensed and trustworthy bookmaker. Even though esports is a dedicated online sport, you will still find many land-based bookmaker options. However, online offerings are recommended as it will make the whole process of betting more enjoyable and stress-free. You must sign up for a licensed bookmaker and not some scam, as it will make withdrawing your winnings a hassle.

E-sports Betting Strategy Guide
Esports is the future – Image source: Wpcpey / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Several popular sportsbooks also offer esports betting. For example betway and bet365. Such betting platforms are trusted by a vast majority of online bettors and therefore finding acceptance with their platform would be a fun experience for you.

It would be recommended that you go for a platform that offers you the best odds, low margins, and no betting limit. Several dedicated esports betting sites have tailored their betting platform around the online gaming experience. However, it is important that you do a thorough background check and read customer reviews before you sign up for any platform. For example, 22BET is a great choice.

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Research before planning bets

As with all betting markets, in-depth research before you place your money down is necessary. As an esports fan, you might put in hours watching professional teams take on each other. However, as fun as that would be, you should never rely on that information alone.

For instance, before betting on a traditional sports match like cricket, one might research some factors. These include the pitch and ground history, the weather, form of teams and players, and many others that might affect the outcome of the match. Similarly, thorough research done on the subject is always useful. This provides with an understanding of game mechanics and how teams perform against each other. This can ultimately result in a rewarding effort. If you pay close attention to the strategy teams use against other teams during an ongoing championship, then you might come across play patterns that will help you speculate the outcome better and be able to place several informed and profitable bets.

Some things you should specifically research for are the recent form of the teams and players, the different ins and outs, history of any previous matchups between the teams and players. Something to keep in mind is that even though the odds might seem in the favor of a team, still you cannot be sure of its success.

Measure success in numbers

Being profitable in the betting industry requires a long term strategy. Evidently, some of your wins might come through luck but if you consider staying in the betting game then you need to keep track of your wins and losses. Once you see your win rate then you can carry on analyzing the losses and looking for possible data points where you speculated wrong.

E-sports Betting Strategy Guide
Are you ready for the new era of online betting? – Image source: Chongkian / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Use a staking plan for e-sports betting

We can all agree that money management is key to a profitable and stress-free betting experience. An esports betting strategy guide won’t be complete without pushing the need for a staking plan. A stacking plan is where you decide how much money you want to lay down on each of your wagers.

Staking plans can be neither fixed nor variable. With a fixed staking plan you always wager the same amount of money or the same percentage of your monthly budget. However, with a variable staking plan, you have a flexible system that lets you decide how much money you want to wager. The variable staking method is dependent on your confidence, whether you see a wager coming to fruition or not. In summary, if you are adamant that a wager will be successful, you bet more of your capital on it. However, if you are shy about a bet being successful then you will place lower deposits.

Approaching esports betting with a staking plan will allow you to prioritize events. Moreover, this will help you to understand your limits while making sure that betting is pursued in an analytical fashion. For instance, if a certain Dota 2 team is favoured to win a match then you will approach the game with a variable staking method. However, if a certain team is an underdog for an upcoming match than a different approach is recommended. Furthermore, if you have a slight feeling that they might cause an upset then you will approach it with the same variable staking plan. However, this time placing a much lower wager as you are not too confident about them pulling a win. This will allow you to bank big profit as some of the bookmakers would offer higher odds for the underdog team.

Wager on a range of tournaments

We cannot stress this enough that your end goal in esports betting is to make profits. Therefore we would recommend you not to confine yourself to just major tournaments but also look for opportunities in other low key matches. Major tournaments such as the league of the legends world championship and the international (Dota 2) attract the most attention and therefore the betting frenzy. The bookmakers realize that the punters wager big on these tournaments and therefore they price their odds accordingly. For an avenger bettor like you, it is difficult to find value odds in such events.

E-sports Betting Strategy Guide
There is a broad variety of esports betting options

Finding betting value

Finding value bets while betting on any of the traditional sports is a common practice. The same goes for the esports betting industry. In simple terms, value bets provide you with the highest odds for winning.

No matter how good of an esports betting strategy guide you have, you won’t be able to win every bet. This is understandable as betting is speculation and probability numbers. However, betting when there is a positive value is available, then statistically you should win more over time. This is a vital aspect that makes a professional profitable bettor in the long run.

So how do you find betting value? We need a simple calculation for this.

Value = (odds offered * your assessed probability) – 1

For instance, suppose Evil Geniuses are taking on OG in an upcoming Dota 2 match. The bookmaker’s odds of Evil Geniuses beating OG are 3.20. However, your own assessment says that there is a 45% chance that Evil Geniuses beat OG.

Using the formula:

Value = (3.20 * 0.45) – 1= 0.44

So do the bookmakers’ odds provide any value? Whenever there is a positive value, it identifies as a value bet. So there is a 45 % value in the bookmaker’s odds. Finding betting value allows for a more accurate assessment of an event occurring then what was offered in the bookmaker’s odds.

Don’t be averse to changes

Lastly, we encourage you to tailor your betting activity around different methods and strategies. This e-sports betting strategy guide has everything that you need. The key is to shuffle around with multiple strategies to your advantage and not sticking to one. Most bettors have strategies and methods that they find resonance with. This helps them in mastering that certain aspect of trading better. However, it also makes their betting approach not so versatile. When it comes to betting, It is vital to adapt to different conditions and markets.

Having different strategies to choose from will allow you to grab a win where you find it difficult to. For instance, if your usual wagers on handicaps aren’t helping you grab a win then you should wager on a different market and change your approach. Ultimately, this online sportsbook guide for beginners in the realm of esports should help you get a headstart at esports betting.

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