Everything You Need To Know About Casino High Rollers

casino high rollers

High rollers enjoy the top-level service from casinos, receive lavish bonuses and exclusive prizes. What do they do to be treated this way? Here is everything you need to know about casino high rollers.

Being a high roller is a privilege and a pleasant bonus for all casino players. Along with VIPs, high rollers enjoy the best perks from online casinos or land-based casinos. Surely, both have different policies and conditions regarding high rollers. However, they have similar conditions about the ways of becoming casino high rollers. In this guide, we’ll explain everything about high rollers in gambling: who they are, what perks they get, and how to become a high roller. 

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Who is a high roller?

There is no particular definition of who high rollers are. Also known as casino whales or cheetahs, high rollers usually belong to the group of players who make big stakes at the table on a regular basis. In return, they receive exclusive perks and special treatment from an online or land-based casino.

All high rollers have their own level of treatment they get from a casino. For instance, the player who spends $200 per round in poker or roulette will get fewer benefits than the player who bets $1000 or more for the same game. In addition, players receive different types of perks in online and land-based casinos.

Land-based casino high rollers

Being a high roller in your favorite land-based casino brings along many juicy benefits. Here are some of the most widespread perks high roller players can expect to receive from fancy land-based casinos:

  • Airport transfer
  • Discounts on tickets
  • Access to cars or jets owned by a casino
  • Invitations to VIP parties and events
  • Access to VIP rooms
  • Flexible casino rules
  • Cashback on losses
  • Cover on shopping expenses 
  • Vacation packages
  • Best hotel rooms
  • Free drinks
casino high rollers
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Online casino high rollers

Obviously, perks given by online casinos to their high roller players differ from land-based ones but are also generous. Read about them below and read how to find high roller bonuses on the Internet. So, online casino high rollers will get: 

  • High comp points
  • Advanced bonus system 
  • Exclusive deals and promos
  • Access to VIP rooms and exclusive games
  • Invitations to real-life tournaments and events
  • Opportunity to play new games  
  • Cashback on losses
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Surprise gifts and cash rewards
  • Better customer support 

How to become a high roller?

The only question that might arise after reading about the benefits of being a high roller is how to become one? The good news is that every player has a chance to become a casino whale or high roller. In comparison to VIP, getting the high roller status is faster and much easier. 

To become a high roller at land-based or online casinos, the main thing you have to do is play on high stakes. Surely, you shouldn’t do it once as only spending huge sums of money during a long period of time will help. Your task is to show the casino that you are ready to spend money on their games. Then, the casino will pay you back with generous rewards and a high roller status.

Another opportunity to become a casino whale is to make big deposits on a regular basis. Note that it must be done at the same casino, so you will become a high roller at a certain online gambling site or a certain land-based casino. 

If you want to become a special player in a land-based casino, there is one more option. Just sign up for the rewards program and use your debit/credit card whenever you make any payments. If the casino assumes that you spend enough money over a certain period, they will give you comps to reach a high roller status. 

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