Top-3 Tips on How To Win at Live Poker

How To Win at Live Poker

Live poker is a popular game at casino sites. It is easier to play in comparison to online or real-life poker – that’s why there are so many games at gambling sites. Our tips will help you to learn how to win at live poker if you are a beginner player.

Poker is not the easiest game to play for beginners but you can gain experience faster playing live poker. The basic rules of the game remain the same, however, the ability to play multiple tables/hands simultaneously and use tracking tools will teach you how to play like a pro. 

Playing live poker has many other advantages including lower and more comfortable speed of the game, social interaction, and variety of games. So, read our guide to learn how to win at live poker. Also, follow the best online poker bonus guides to find the latest poker promotions.

How to win at live poker – best tips

So, how to win at live poker if you’re a beginner? Check out the following tips from pros that really work:

Pick games with a high RTP. Not all live dealer poker games are the same. Among various differences, the RTP rate is the one that matters the most. The higher the RTP, the better chances to win you have. 

Here are the most popular live poker games and their RTP:

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em99.47%
Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker99.47%
Caribbean Stud98.19%
3-Card Brag98%
3-Card Poker96.63%

Place side bets. Various extra and bonus bets give an opportunity to boost your winnings as they have enhanced odds. Be careful: side bets can not only bring you money but eat your balance as well! The thing is that these bets have a lower RTP rate in comparison to the poker game itself, therefore, not everyone dares to use them.

Play progressive jackpot poker. If your aim is to hit a jackpot, aim for live poker games that offer progressive jackpots. Unlike fixed jackpot, progressive jackpot games give a chance to win a very juicy prize. However, if small but regular winnings are enough, go for fixed jackpot poker games – it all depends on your goals.

Where to play live dealer poker?

As live poker is a popular game nowadays, you can find it at almost all online casinos that exist. To gain the best experience and have a good chance of winning, you can choose one of the following casino sites:

  • Intertops 
  • 1xBet
  • 22Bet
  • 888poker
  • partypoker

Find live poker games at 888poker


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