Top-5 Dangerous Banned Elements in Figure Skating

banned elements in figure skating

Figure skating is a beloved winter sport that combines elegance and danger, especially when it comes to certain moves. With FS competitions being in full flow, let’s discuss some banned elements in figure skating you won’t see on the ice rink in 2024.

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Banned elements in figure skating you’ll never see again

Figure skating is a graceful and artistic sport that captivates audiences with its mesmerizing routines and breathtaking jumps. However, not all elements are welcomed on the icy stage. The world of figure skating has its own set of rules and regulations, and certain moves are deemed too dangerous or extreme to be performed. In this article, we will delve into the forbidden realm of figure skating, exploring five elements that have been banned from the Winter Olympics and other prestigious competitions.

The Backflip

Once a staple in figure skating performances, the backflip is now strictly prohibited in competitive events. The ban on this move is primarily due to safety concerns, as executing a backflip on ice poses a significant risk of injury to the skater and others on the rink. The unpredictable nature of the landing and the potential for collisions have led figure skating authorities to turn this once daring and acrobatic maneuver into one of the banned elements in figure skating.

The Headbanger Lift

Featured prominently in the routine of Russian skater Ekaterina Gordeeva and her late partner Sergei Grinkov, the Headbanger Lift is now banned due to the inherent danger involved. This lift involves the male skater holding his partner by the ankles and swinging her head dangerously close to the ice. While visually stunning, the move poses a serious risk of head injuries and has been deemed too hazardous for competitive figure skating at online sportsbook for winter sports betting.

banned elements in figure skating

The Iron Lotus

Made famous by the fictional characters in the movie “Blades of Glory,” the Iron Lotus is a highly complex and acrobatic move that involves three skaters. One skater lifts another into a spin while a third skater is suspended in mid-air, creating a visually stunning but perilous display. Adding it to the five banned elements in figure skating is attributed to the extreme difficulty and risk associated with its execution, as well as the potential for catastrophic accidents during group performances.

The One-Hand Axel Lift

While lifts are a common and elegant element in figure skating routines, the one-hand axel lift has been banned due to its precarious nature. This lift involves the male skater lifting his partner with only one hand while executing a rotation. The lack of stability in this maneuver increases the likelihood of falls and injuries, prompting figure skating authorities to outlaw its inclusion in competitive programs.

The Quad Axel

The quest for perfection and pushing the boundaries of athleticism in figure skating led to the creation of the quad axel, a jump that includes four and a half rotations. However, the quad axel is currently banned from competition due to concerns about its feasibility and safety. The extreme difficulty of this jump poses a significant risk of injuries to skaters, and its exclusion from official competitions reflects the commitment to prioritizing athlete well-being over the pursuit of unprecedented feats.

While figure skating, one of the most watched winter sports, continues to evolve with new elements and innovations, the safety of athletes remains paramount. These five banned elements in figure skating demonstrate the sport’s commitment to maintaining a delicate balance between pushing boundaries and safeguarding the well-being of its performers. As figure skaters continue to push their limits, the rules and regulations surrounding banned elements will undoubtedly evolve, shaping the future of this captivating and artistic discipline.

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