All Types of Roulette to Play Online

types of roulette to play online

Playing roulette games is easy and exciting – that’s what made them so popular among gamblers. Did you know that roulette variations aren’t limited by classic American and European games? If not, check all types of roulette to play online nowadays.

What do new gamblers or common people usually know about roulette? The majority will say that there is a wheel spun by a dealer. To win, the player has to bet on the right number or color which has to appear on the wheel when it stops. That is all true but most people don’t know much about roulette variations. 

Unlike poker or slots, only two types of roulette games are widespread at online casinos – European and American. However, there are way more games to play at gambling sites. We are going to tell you about all possible types of roulette to play online. Stay tuned to the latest news on online gambling to learn more about casino games.

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All types of roulette to play online that exist

Although roulette games aren’t limited by European and American ones, it is difficult to count all roulette variations that exist. There might be dozens of roulette games produced by various vendors exclusively for chosen casinos. To count the exact number of exotic roulette games you need to visit every single gambling site. Therefore, we will tell you about roulette games that are frequently met at most big online casinos.7

types of roulette to play online
A beautiful wheel

European and American roulette are classic

Two types of roulette games everyone knows about. European and American roulette games are the most frequently played both at online and offline casinos. Although it is difficult to decide which game is more popular, we can tell for sure that both have their strong advantages.

European roulette is a bit easier to play and win. The wheel in this game has 37 numbers – from 0 to 36. All numbers are divided by colors: 18 are red, 18 are black, while zero is green. This is the main difference between European and American roulette as well as the RTP rate. In European games, a Return to Player coefficient is 97%, while the house edge is relatively low – 2.3%.

The wheel in American roulette has the same structure with one exception. There are 38 numbers instead of 36 – an additional double zero is added to the game. It makes the house edge of the game equal to approximately 5.26% and an RTP rate – to 94.74%. However, American roulette brings bigger wins if you guess the number or color right.

French roulette is also popular

The third-most-popular roulette game at online casinos is French. It is similar to the European one by its structure and numbers. French game has 36 numbers with one zero but adds a new flavor with two extra options – la partage and en prison. Also, some best online casino promotions allow playing it under more profitable conditions.

types of roulette to play online
Let’s have some fun – Image source: Ralf Roletschek, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

So, what is la partage and en prison? La partage is an option that allows players to get back half of their bet if they lose an outside bet. It is possible if the ball lands on 0. En prison is similar to la partage by its principles but results in “locking” your bet during the next spin. It means that the bet remains the same when the wheel is spun. 

Play African (Mini) roulette if you are a new gambler

African roulette is an exotic variation of a traditional roulette game also known as Mini roulette. Although it is quite unpopular, it can still be played at a number of online casinos: Bet365, 1xBet, Unibet, 22Bet. 

Playing Mini roulette is much easier than its more popular counterparts. The game has only 13 numbers to bet on – from 1 to 12 and a zero. Therefore, winning the game is much easier, though profit is smaller than in European/American roulette too. If you want to practice, Mini roulette is a perfect option for newcomers or inexperienced gamblers.

Multiwheel roulette is a crazy experience 

An opposite to Mini Roulette, Multiwheel is a crazy game not everyone dares to play. It resembles European roulette by the number of numbers (0-36) but has a key difference – there are many wheels instead of one. Some game variations may have up to 10 wheels! You need a really good online gambling bonus search engine to play Multiwheel and not crash.

types of roulette to play online
Good luck!

To play Multiwheel roulette, you have to bet on the expected outcome and let the dealer spin the minimum two wheels. The number of wheels you play with affects the winning odds. Thus, if you wager $10 and play with 8 wheels, your total bet would be $80. Risky but profitable!

Alphabet and Astro: the most exotic types of roulette

Alphabet and Astro are the rarest types of roulette to play online. The gaming rules are the same, while wheels in these two games look completely different. Such exotic types of roulette can be played at RoyalSpinz and Betsafe Casino.

As it is clear from its name, Alphabet features alphabet letters. Instead of numbers, you have to bet on A-X or YZ (like 00) in Alphabet roulette. As you have 26 Latin letters to choose from, the winning chances are a bit higher than in classic variations.

You can also bet on your sign in the Astro roulette game. It has 12 signs divided into 4 sections that replace traditional red, black, and green colors. Sections correspond to four seasons, where Aries, Taurus, and Gemini belong to Spring; Cancer, Leo, and Virgo – to Summer; Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius – to Fall, and Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces – to Winter. In addition, all signs belong to their elements: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. So, you have plenty of betting options in Astro roulette, which makes this game unique and exciting.

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