All Casino Bonuses That Exist Online

All Casino Bonuses That Exist

Casino bonuses are a good way to save some money on gambling games and still win cash. We will explain how they work and where to claim them but let’s first learn about all casino bonuses that exist.

All casino bonuses that exist in 2021

Learning about all types of casino bonuses is essential if you want to benefit from online gambling to the full. Different types of bonuses result in different profits, so you have to choose which one suits you best. Here are all the latest online casino bonuses you can find at online casinos and gambling sites:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Deposit bonuses
  • Weekly/monthly promotions 
  • High-roller bonuses
  • Specific bonuses

Welcome bonuses 2021

Welcome bonuses are one of the main and most widespread bonuses that exist. As its name suggests, it is given to players for signing up to an online casino. The casino greets its new users this way, so welcome bonuses are given to everybody at almost every single gambling site.

Usually, welcome bonuses are given as a cash reward. You are either given a fixed sum of money you can spend on playing gambling games or a first deposit bonus. As the latter is another type of bonus, let’s discuss it separately. 

Deposit bonuses 2021

Among all casino bonuses that exist, deposit bonuses are the most profitable (except for high-roller ones). According to an online gambling bonus directory, it is extra money you receive for topping up your gambling wallet. The more you deposit, the more extra cash you get. 

In general, deposit bonuses vary from 100% to 500%. For instance, if you deposit $100, some casinos will give you an extra $100-500. You can spend this money on gambling games only, no withdrawal is possible. However, it is still one of the best ways to prolong your stay at an online casino.

Weekly/monthly promotions 

Bonuses may also include special offers and promotions. They can be daily/weekly/monthly promotions as well as seasonal and holiday offers. All of them aim to keep you at a casino and give you a chance to play more (and win more).

Promotions can include various bonuses. There can be cash rewards, VIP points, cashback, free spins, and many others. It depends both on online casinos and gaming vendors who decide which bonuses can be used in their games.

All Casino Bonuses That Exist
You can win more if you use bonuses

High-roller and VIP bonuses

High-roller bonuses are the most profitable ones. You can claim them only if you are a kind of VIP at an online casino. If you are a high-roller, you will get bigger bonuses, exclusive games to play, VIP rooms, and even real prizes like gadgets or holiday tickets. In other words, high-rollers are always treated better both at online casinos and offline ones.

There are many ways to become a high-roller. Here are the most popular and fastest ways to get perks like a VIP:

  • Make big bets on a regular basis;
  • Make a big deposit;
  • Get promoted by a casino’s managers.

Specific bonuses that exist in 2021

Finally, an online gambling bonus search engine includes so-called specific bonuses. They can depend either on games you play or on devices you use to gamble. 

Game-specific bonuses include perks that are available to use in certain games. For example, you can earn free spins only in slot games. Some card games allow you to stay for an extra round. As a result, you will play more than usual and have a greater chance of winning.

Device-specific bonuses give you rewards for playing casino games on certain devices (i.e. smartphones). To promote their mobile games, casinos will give extras to users who install the app. As mobile gambling is getting more popular day by day, it is a good way to get some profit.

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