30 Ball Bingo Rules for Beginners

30 Ball Bingo rules

30 Ball Bingo is probably the most thrilling variation of bingo. Learn the 30 Ball Bingo rules and play this fast-paced game at online bingo sites. Meanwhile, we will explain how and where you can find the best bingo games with thirty numbers. 

Bingo is undoubtedly one of the best games of chance, but even the biggest fans can get tired of its traditional variations. If you are one of them, why don’t you try playing 30 Ball Bingo? This rapid game is a relatively new invention in the bingo world that will never let you get bored. Hurry up to learn how to play 30 Ball Bingo for real money!

What is 30 Ball Bingo?

30 Ball Bingo is different from traditional bingo games like British bingo (90 Ball) or American bingo (75 Ball), although it follows the same rules. 30 Ball Bingo is an entertaining and fast-paced game that is basically a combination of bingo and slots with a reduced number of winning combinations.

Unlike other bingo variations, 30 Ball Bingo offers limited numbers on its cards. As its name suggests, players can find only thirty numbers from 1 to 30. Each 30 Ball Bingo card contains three rows and five columns with 9 numbers arranged on them in random order.

  • The 1st column has numbers 1-10
  • The 2nd column has numbers 11-20
  • The 3rd column has numbers 21-30

30 Ball Bingo rules

30 Ball Bingo is way easier to play than other popular variations of bingo. However, if you have never played bingo, you are still recommended to learn 30 Ball Bingo rules to know how it works.

So, the first thing you need to do is get yourself a 30 Ball Bingo card. It can be done in bingo halls (they rarely host this bingo game though) or at online bingo sites. The latter offers a wide range of bingo games of all types. Bingo sites also allow players to pick a card manually or use a randomizer to let the software choose a card for them. 

The next step is the draw. As soon as you have a ticket, the winning numbers are chosen at random. If you have the winning number on your card, you mark it off manually or again let the system do it for you. 

30 Ball Bingo rules
Playing 30 Ball Bingo is fun!

To win at 30 Ball Bingo, the player needs to fill up the whole card. If you are lucky enough to win at bingo sites, you shouldn’t do anything. Your winnings will be automatically added to your account. However, if you happen to play bingo in a hall, you have to stop the game by shouting “Bingo!” to inform the host about the winning card.

Benefits of 30 Ball Bingo

30 Ball Bingo has many benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that make this bingo game so special and popular at online gambling sites. 

  • 30 Ball Bingo rules are easier than the rules of traditional bingo
  • This game is fast-paced, so you know your result in a few minutes
  • The chances of winning at 30 Ball Bingo are higher
  • Everyone can play 30 Ball Bingo using online bingo bonuses
  • It allows inexperienced players to play and win
  • 30 Ball Bingo is a relatively new bingo game 

Where to play 30 Ball Bingo?

As we have already mentioned, players can find 30 Ball Bingo mostly at online casinos and bingo sites. Traditional bingo halls are mostly focused on 90 Ball and 75 Ball Bingo. So, the best option for bingo fans is to play this constant-action game on the Internet.

How and where to play 30 Ball Bingo online? Firstly, you should find a good bingo site like CyberBingo. Create an account to be granted access to a large number of bingo games. Find 30 Ball Bingo, get yourself a card (or multiple cards), and try your luck in this popular game of chance!

Play 30 Ball Bingo at CyberBingo


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