Best Online Free Bet Bonus Promotions

Using the best online free bet bonuses is a great way to take out the most of your online sportsbook betting. On this page, we are listing the best online free bet bonus deals. Bookmakers are often offering free bets, thus, it’s worth to check them once you are into online sportsbook bettings. Find the best deals in our comprehensive sports betting bonus list.

What is a free bet bonus

Free bet bonuses are often offered by sportsbooks. They are usually tied to a certain match or a field of available bets. When you are receiving a free bet bonus you will have a certain amount of money that you can bet on a sports event. If you don’t win with your free bet you lost nothing. On the other hand, if you win the profit of your bet will be available for withdrawing from your balance.

Restrictions and rules of free bet offers

The rules of free bets are changing from online sportsbooks to online sportsbooks. If you want to find certain information on the different free bet bonuses, then you should check the best online free bet deals below. However, there are some rules that are usually applying for free bets.

Free bets are available for certain types of bets

Once you are applying for a free bet it is usually tied to a certain event or a specific type of bets. They are usually applied to popular events. Fortunately, you won’t have to hunt free bet deals because we have collected the best online betting bonuses for you.

Minimum odds requirement

Most commonly bookmakers will tie these offers to a minimum odds requirement. This amount varies from deal to deal. It means that you have to place your bets with the odds that are higher or similar to this limit. There is some free bet offers that has a minimum odds limit of 1.3, but others have higher like 2.5.

The wagering requirement of the free bet bonus

There are some of the free bet promotions that are having a wagering requirement. At all of our deals, you can find the amount of the wagering requirement. Once you profit from your free bet, you will receive the profit as a bonus amount to your balance. To be able to withdraw your profit you will have to bet this bonus balance once again. If you see at a deal that the wagering requirement is x10, that means that from 100 free bet profit you will have to make 1000 to be able to withdraw.

How to apply for a free bet bonus

Find the best deal in our online sportsbook bonus search engine below. Check the deal to gain information on the terms and conditions. It is usually very simple, you have to open an account, then you have to place your free bet. Now, you can just lean back and enjoy the match you were betting on.

How to choose the best online free bet offer

It really depends on your preferences. Maybe your main criteria is to play safe. On this occasion you should search for the free bet with the lowest minimum odds requirement. In other cases, maybe you are a sports fan and want to spice up your regular cheering for your favorite team. In this case, you can just search for the event or the type of sport you want to bet on.

Use our guides to know more about sports betting

Sports betting is a really complex gambling market. There are many tactics when it comes to betting. If you would like to know more about sports betting i recommend you check online betting guides for beginners. These guides are going to help you clarify the basic sports betting terms. Furthermore, they are going to give you some really nice tips on how to do betting professionally. If you have some questions about how to find or claim different bonuses you will also find answers for those.

Find the best online bonuses with the deal finder

If you are looking for the best online gambling bonuses, then I suggest checking out our deal finder page. Here you can select by many options on how to filter your searches. If you are looking forward to find the best online sportsbook bonuses you just select the game type that you are looking for and there you go.

The best online free bet bonuses

Sportsbook guides

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Sportsbook deals

Win eSports Free Bet at Vbet Sportsbook – Get a 20% Cashback

Win eSports free bet of up to €25 every day betting on the Dota 2 & Counter-Strike: GO league matches at Vbet Sportsbook.

Each participant can win a free bet once per day. The Organizer has the right to cancel the bets, winnings, bonuses, jackpots, or any other prizes, which are displayed or provided to the Player due to any technical, mechanical, or software... Read more
Sportsbook deals

Bet on UEFA Champions League final – Get €10 Free Bet

Win a €10 FREE BET by simply placing a €20 bet on UEFA Champions League final. Make sure that this bet has min 1.5 odds because that’s...

The bonus is available only once per customer. Your free bets can be used on any sports market. Only Deposits made with Visa & Master Card are eligible for this promotion. The Organizer's General Terms and Conditions apply. Read more
Sportsbook deals

Daily eSports Free Bets at Vbet Sportsbook – Win €10 Free Bet

Get €10 daily eSports free bets at Vbet Sportsbook every day through this May. Just place 5 separate Live Single Bets, with a min of €5...

The promo runs from May 6, 00:00:01, to May 31, 23:59:59, 2021. During the promotion, each Player can get a maximum of 1 Free Bet daily. Each Player participating in this tournament approves that they have read and agreed to the... Read more
Sportsbook deals

Bet on NBA bonus at Unibet Sportsbook – Get €10 Live Free Bet

Bet on NBA bonus is here to make the watching and betting experience even more rewarding. Watch the entire NBA season on Unibet TV and go...

Only real money bets count towards this promotion. The €10 Live Free Bet will be credited on your account once both qualifying bets are settled. The Free Bet will be available for seven days. Unibet terms and conditions apply... Read more
Sportsbook deals

Free Bets Each Week: Get up to €25 at Vbet Sportsbook

Take part in Free bets each week and get up to €25 free bets with Vbet Sportsbook. If you have placed a €20 bet with minimum of 2,5 odds.