Best Online Match Bonus Promotions

The match bonus is one of the best online casino deals that an online casino can offer. Most of the new players registering and making a deposit to a casino will receive a match bonus. However, sometimes you are able to claim this bonus even if you are an existing user.

How does a match bonus work?

Match bonuses are tied to a deposit. This and the first deposit bonus are the most common deals that online casinos are offering. This offer tied to the amount of your deposit. The most common amount of match bonus is 100%. This means that if you are making a deposit of 100, you will have an available balance of 200 to play with. However, the best online match bonuses are offering an outstanding 500% rate. This deal is usually offered for every deposit, however, the first deposit bonus is usually the highest.

How to claim a deposit bonus?

If you are a first-time player you chose this bonus instead of the no deposit offers. You top up your balance and you are ready to go. Obviously, you can not deposit and take out the bonus right away. As it is usual with most of the best online casino deals, to claim this bonus you have to fulfill a wagering limit. This differs from deals to deals. To find the one that the most suits you, check our online casino bonus search engine below.

Why choose a match bonus instead of a no deposit bonus?

Both of the bonuses have their perks and drawbacks. While for the match bonus you have to top up with actual money, the wagering requirements are usually much easier to complete. This type of bonus is suggested to players who are familiar with the online casino’s surface and they are not just there to try out different games.

Higher the deposit – Higher the reward

There are many types of match bonuses. Most of them are depending on the amount you are willing to deposit. There are so-called high roller deposits, which are huge bonuses for big investors. However, there is usually a limit for the amount you can deposit to claim this bonus. There are also multiple deposit bonuses. This type is recommended if you are settled with a game and you know that you are going to play regularly. With this type of deal, you can claim your bonus after 3 or in cases 4 deposits. Once you start it’s worth to stick with it, in the end, it’s free money.

How to find the best match bonus deals?

There are many kinds of deals circulating amongst casinos. You will be definitely in huge advantage if you are a new player at the online casino of your choice. Another thing to keep in mind is the wagering requirement. The bigger bonus is not certainly the surefire way to make most of the money. If you are looking for a quick and easy return you should always choose online casino deals with the easiest wagering requirements.

Understand everything about the best online match bonuses

If you still have questions about match bonuses, then you should visit our guides section. The best online gambling bonus guides are going to explain to you everything about online gambling bonuses. Besides knowing everything about your favorite bonuses you will also have the chance to learn new games. We are offering beginner guides just as well as tips and strategies for advanced players.

Find other deposit bonuses

Match bonuses are great, however, there are many other options there as deposit bonuses. For example, the best online deposit bonuses are going to offer you free spins too. In our online casino bonus search engine, you can filter your results by many options. You can search for your game types or you can set your preferred bonus amount as a searching criterion. You are also able to look for bonuses based on the wagering requirements or to combine all of the above.

The best online match bonus deals

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