Best Bitcoin Online Casinos Ranked

best Bitcoin online casinos

Online crypto gambling is predicted to be the future of the casino industry. Cryptocurrencies have already been added as a payment method to the biggest casino sites. To experience it right away, play at the best Bitcoin online casinos that exist in 2021.

Although Bitcoin has been around since 2009, it gained global popularity only three years ago. Around the same time, some online casinos added it to the list of payment/payout currencies for the first time. Crypto gambling reached its peak in 2020 when the first Bitcoin casinos appeared. Unlike other gambling sites, they run on cryptocurrencies only and their number is predicted to grow. Let’s see which are the best Bitcoin online casinos in the world at the moment.

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What are Bitcoin casinos?

As cryptocurrency casinos are still a relatively new thing to most people, here is a brief explanation of their concept. Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency in the world that is based on blockchain technology. It hit the online gambling industry approximately in 2018 and reached its peak in 2020. This is the time when most Bitcoin casinos appeared.

best Bitcoin online casinos
Bitcoin made a lot of investors millionaires in the past decade

Bitcoin casino is an online casino that transacts only in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). While most gambling sites still use global and local currency such as dollar, euro, ruble, or pound, Bitcoin casinos accept only Bitcoin as well as payout only cryptocurrency. According to the latest online casino news, there are only a few casinos offering gambling games to be played for crypto only. Their number will grow in the next years as Bitcoin is predicted to become one of the main ways to make payments in the world.

Top-10 best Bitcoin online casinos worldwide

As of 2020, there are a few dozens of online casinos running on cryptocurrency. This number is low in comparison to thousands of traditional gambling sites. However, we can still rank them from the least to most popular. Based on reviews and users’ rates, we have made a top-10 list of the best Bitcoin online casinos and betting sites with gambling games in the world.

  • Bitstar
  • 7Bit Casino
  • True Flip
  • Fortune Jack
  • SatoshiBet
  • mBit
  • Bitcasino
  • Stake
  • CloudBet

Reasons to try crypto gambling

Bitcoin-based casinos are becoming popular for a reason. Not only the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency makes gamblers switch to the best Bitcoin online casinos but also such factors as accessibility, low fees, and high-quality games.

best Bitcoin online casinos
Bitcoin is the future of currencies

The main advantage of Bitcoin casinos is their ease of use. Although they may seem complicated at a first glance, nothing is easier than making crypto transactions at online casinos. First of all, gamblers can stay anonymous as Bitcoin is stored on e-wallets that don’t require ID or other personal data. Bitcoin casinos are also accessible from any corner of the world. As an international currency, Bitcoin erases limitations in online gambling.

Another advantage of crypto gambling is low fees. As online casinos with Bitcoin mostly require e-wallets for making payments, they don’t charge lots of money for making transactions. To say nothing about speed – all payments are payouts are made within a few minutes! To find more information about the benefits of crypto gambling, follow the latest online gambling news.

The last reason to play at the best Bitcoin online casinos is a variety of games. There might be a limited number of games so far but they all are of super-high quality. While gambling at common sites makes you separate good games from poor-quality ones, all Bitcoin-based games are high class.

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